'Falling for everything' looks at the way we generate structure as a way of pausing time, of creating a sense of stability that reduces our anxieties around transience. It contrasts the relentless visual expansion, and then disappearance, of a diagram outlining medical research trial protocols with the sound of someone with a life threatening illness talking about their new sense of temporality. The movement of the image is both relentlessly progressive and curiously static, allowing space for the viewer to listen to another person’s experience.

Click here to read an article I wrote about this work entitled ‘Holding and Curating’ published in Repertorio: Teatro & Danca 2017.

Falling for everything: 2014

(Moving image 5m 15s)

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2018 Performance and Law symposium, Warwick university, April.

2016 The New Immortals Exhibition, Phoenix Arts Centre, Brighton, February 20th - March 20th

2015 Maternal Creativity conference: Southbank University, London, July

Risk and regulation: Arts and Medical Humanities Conference at Dartington Hall, Falmouth, June

Pause Exhibition, House Gallery, London, January 16th-23rd.

2014 Vanishing Entities at LimeWharf Gallery, London as part of The London Science Festival, supported by LimeWharf & University of the Arts, London.